IMAS Students

PhD students

Johnny Groneng Aase


Satellite-based monitoring of maritime activities in remote waters

Helene Aflenzer  Impact of Ocean Acidification on the Availability and Toxicity of Trace Elements and Nutrients

Katharina Alter


Using Biosensors for Monitoring Physiological Responses to Environmental and Transport Stress in Oyster and Abalone


Muhamad Amin


Screening and Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) in Gastrointestinal Tract of Barramundi, Abalone and Lobster as Probiotic Candidates


Reia Nicolle Anquet


Participation of Indigenous Peoples in Public Marine Governance: Australia, Canada and New Zealand


Fernando Arce Gonzalez


Inference of Foraging Success in a Top Southern Ocean Predator


Debbie Emma Baird-Bower


Demographic Responses of Antarctic Fur Seals to Environmental Variability


Geoffrey Barrington Baker


Demography and Conservation of Shy Albatross (Thalassarche Cauta)


Jimena Ballí Garza


Parasitic and bacterial diseases and their relationship with pollution


Hugo Bastos de Oliveira


Travis John Baulch


Fisheries and reproductive ecology of the Long-spined sea urchin (Centrostephanus rodgersii)


Penny Elizabeth Beaver


A Comparative Tracking Study of Temperate and Subtropical Nesting Wedge-Tailed Shearwater (Ardenna Pacifica) in NSW


James Clement Bennett


Expanding the use of ensemble streamflow forecasts in Australia


Ana Paula Berger

Ana Berger


The dynamical partitioning of the Indonesian Throughflow at the entrance into the Indian Ocean

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James Geoffrey Black


Measuring impacts of ocean acidification on biological communities in Antarctica: an in-situ experiment and laboratory exploration of the mechanisms of community changes in high-CO2 polar ocean

Bella Kelly Blanche 

Detecting Human Influence in Global Ocean Salinity Patterns


Natalie Maree Bool


Investigating Decline of Short-tailed Shearwaters at Wedge Island Tasmania


Larelle Gracienne Bossi

Larelle Bossi


The Philosophy of Fishing



Alyssa Jean Bowden


Amoebic Gill Disease: A Diagnostic Study in Tasmanian Salmon


James Matthew Bramich

James Bramich


A Study of the Effects of Algal Types and Suspended Matter on Water leaving Fluorescence Signals: Improving methods of water quality in coastal waters.



Damon Britton

Damon Britton


Investigating the Indirect Effects of Climate Change on the Blacklip Abalone by Assessing Temporal and Spatial Variation in Seaweed Nutritional Quality and the Effects of Ocean Acidification of Coralline Algae


Shaun Timothy Brooks

 Conservation Planning for Antarctic Stations

Pearse James Buchanan

Pearse Buchanan


Ocean Deoxygenation: A paleo-modelling perspective

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Flora Bush

Flora Bush


Enhancing Decision Making in a Multi-Use Management Environment by Capitalising on Available Information: Multi-criteria evaluation for decision implications and to determine compromise alternatives in the coastal zone


Paolo Campus


Exploring Novel Use of Waste from the Invasive Sea Urchin Fishery Using Life Cycle Assessment


Claudio Antonio Castillo-Jordan

Claudio Castillo-Jordán


Disentangling the Climate Change Impacts on Productivity and Availability in Two Macruronus Species off Tasmania and Patagonian Waters off Chile

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Curtis Lee Champion

Curtis Champion


Climate-driven range shifts in fishes and the impact on temperate marine ecosystems



Emiliano Cimoli

Emiliano Cimoli


Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Antarctic Sea Ice Algae using Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs)


Jaimie Cleeland

Jaimie Cleeland


Demographic responses of an albatross community to environmental change


Richard Stuart Cottrell Bridging the Land-Sea Divide: Links, Interactions and Trade-Offs for Food Security and Biodiversity
Andrea Cranenburgh How do Standing Meanders Brake the Antarctic Circumpolar Current?
Ajitha Cyriac Eastward Flows, Ocean Mixing and Air-Sea Interaction in the Southeast Indian Ocean

Ross Kelvin Daley


Developing Conservation Management Strategies for Vulnerable Deepwater Sharks off Southeast Australia


Thi Sao Mai Dang

Mai Dang


Effects of Mining Activities on Sculpins (Myoxocephalus Quadricornis and M. Scorpius) and Artic Charr (Salvelinus Alpinus) in Greenland

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Owen Daniel


Maternal Investment by Southern Elephant Seal (Mirounga leonina): Foraging Success and Offspring Survival


Ricardo De Paoli-Iseppi


Seabird Age Estimation with Molecular Biomarkers


Stacy Louise Deppeler


Fabio Boeira Dias


Testing of Climate Models and Sea Level Rise Projections using Observations of Ocean Heat Uptake


Luis Paulo Duprat


Role of Sea Ice as a Source of Bio-Available Iron to Antarctic Surface Waters


Axel Durand


Ocean Deoxygenation, a Paleo Proxy Perspective


Jessica Anne Ericson


Using Signature Lipid Analysis to Understand the Biology and Ecology of Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba)


Eleri Evans


Processes Controlling Iceberg Calving Rates Around Antarctic Margins

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Rhian Evans


An Integrated Study of an Australian Marine Biodiversity Hotspot


Daniela Rayen Farias Aqueveque


The Potential Application of Macroalgae as Ecotoxicological Indicators and Biotechnological Tools for Bioremediation in Metal Contaminated Areas


Martin John Farley


Systems Architecture: Foundations for Delivering Policy Values and Value


Dahlia Xi Hui Foo


Uncoupling Oceanic and Life History Drivers to Alternate Foraging Strategies in Long-nosed Fur Seals

ResearchGate LinkedIn


Romain Forestier


Modelling Biodiversity Related Ecosystem Processes as a Complex Adaptive System


Isaac Parlan Forster


Environmental drivers of cetacean strandings between Southern Australia and New Zealand


Amelia Estelle Fowles


Ecological Difference Between Subtropical Reef Communities and Biodiversity and Response to Warming of the East Australian Current


Kate Fraser


Broad-Scale Assessment of the Role of Macrofauna in Reef Food Webs


Robert Phillip French


Post-Release Survival of Captured Mako Sharks: Contributing to Developing Best-Practice for Sustainable Catch and Release Game Fishing

Julien Michel Freyer Comparative Diving Physiology and Ecology across Southern Ocean Marine Predators

Maree Elizabeth Fudge


Political Representation in Institutional Design: Governing Multi-User, Multiple Values Marine Resources


Anneli Fugedi


Maternal and Paternal Influences on Growth in Cephalopods


Madelaine Gamble Rosevear

Madi Rosevear


Fine Scale Ocean Processes Driving the Basal Melting of Ice Shelves



Federica Gemelli


Linking Phenotype Differences in a Habitat-Forming Species to Community Facilitation


Cristina Genovese


Role of Organic Ligands in the Distribution of Iron in Polar Waters


Daniel Coen Gledhill


Historical biogeography of the marine fishes of northern Australia


Merel Goedegebuure

Merel Goedegebuure


Representing Southern Ocean predators in end-to-end ecosystem models using individual-based modelling

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Madeline Green


Population Connectivity of Sharks in the Western South Pacific


Martin Grunenwald


Dietary Carotenoid Utilisation at High Temperature by Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)


Sheryl Hamilton

Sheryl Hamilton


Mitigation of Marine Mammal Bycatch in Net (Trawl, Purse Seine, Gillnet) Fisheries with a Focus on the Endangered New Zealand Sea Lion (Phocarctos Hookeri) as a Case Study

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Vicki Sandra Hamilton


Energetic Variability in Sperm Whales and Relationships with the Marine Environment

Alyce Meredith Hancock Effects of Ocean Acidification on Associations among Antarctica and Southern Ocean Marine Microbes

Cher Harte


The Impact of oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converters on the Marine Environment: Colonisarion by Biofouling Communities


Aiko Hayashi


Aspergillus Sydowii, a Marine Fungal Pathogen and its Impact on Symbiodinium Dinoflagellates and Corals


Nicole Gail Hellessey

Nicole Hellessey

 Seasonal Lipid Levels in Antarctic Krill in Relation to Climate ChangeLinkedIn    ResearchGate   ORCID

Kaitlyn Louise Higgins


Examining the effect of fear, risk effects and secondary effects of predation on social behaviour in fish in the context of aquaculture and conservation



Ivan Andres Esteban Hinojosa Toledo


Settlement and Recruitment Processes in the Southern Rock Lobster, Jasus edwardsii: The influence of oceanographic features, pueruli behaviour and kelp habitat


Indiah Jay Hodgson-Johnston


Beyond the Bases? Applying Contemporary Principles of International Law to Australian Sovereignty in Antarctica

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Thomas Michael Holmes


The impact of hydrothermal vents on trace metal biogeochemistry in the Southern Ocean. Locate HVs in the Heard Island region, quantify trace metal inputs and determine impacts on surface biological productivity


Thibaut Houitte de La Chesnais


The Role of Cephalopods in the Structure and Functioning of Marine Ecosystems


Timothy Digory Hulse


Factors Impacting on Aggressive Behaviour, Cannibalism and Subsequent Growth Performance in Juvenile Barramundi


Wilma Gertrud Charlotte Huneke

Wilma Huneke


Quantifying Key Physical Processes Responsible for Ocean Warming under Antarctic Ice Shelves


Lynette Gail Irvine


The Influence of Climate on the Migration Phenology of Humpback Whales (Megaptera Noveangliae) on the West Coast of Australia


Andrew William Jackson


Who saved Antarctica?


Christine Jackson


Determining Cetacean - Cephalopod Trophic Interactions - A Qualitative and Quantitative Approach

Lainey Clare James Biophysical Relationships of Cross-Shelf Benthic Reef Flora and Fauna in SE Australia. Utilising AUV Dervied Imagery to Describe Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Assemblages for Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring

Jan Jansen

Jan Jansen


Modelling Biodiversity in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica Using Sparse Data

ResearchGate ORCID ResearcherID


Julie Paule Johanna Janssens


Incorporation Mechanisms of Organic Matter and Iron into Sea Ice


Ian David Jermyn

Ian Jermyn


Shifting Baselines: Can seaweed adapt to climate change?

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Robert Johnson


Effects of Climate Change on Phytoplankton Primary Production and Chemotaxonomy in Southern Ocean and Antarctic Ecosystems


Jessica Christine Johnson-Mackinnon


Bioinformatic Analysis of Paramoeba Genomic Data for Putative Parasitism Genes Involved in Amoebic Gill Disease


Paige Scarlett Kelly


Climate Change and Sea Ice Habitats: Modelling effects from plankton to penguins


Rachel Kelly

Rachel Kelly


Improving Community Knowledge and Engagement in Local Marine Industries Using Citizen Science



Fraser Campbell Kennedy


Using experimental sea ice tanks and micro sensors to investigate sea ice microbial ecology


Ian Marsey Kidd


Development and testing of sustainable remediation strategies for an estuary subject to excessive siltation


Andrew Stephen King


A Targeted Risk Assessment of the Options for Expansion of Salmonid Aquaculture (Offshore versus Onshore)


Nina Kriegisch


Managing Rocky Reefs for Resilience in Port Phillip Bay


Tzu Nin Kwan


Diversity and Genetic Determinants of Pathogenicity of Vibrio Splendidus: A Primary Agent of Disease in Marine Hatcheries


Sara Amandine Labrousse


Foraging Ecology of Male and Female Elephant Seals in the Sea-Ice Zone: Role of the physiography, hydrological factors, and sea-ice condition


Veronique Lago


Ocean Temperature and Salinity Responses to 50 Year Changes in Surface Conditions


Cayne Layton

Cayne Layton


The importance of environment-engineer feedbacks to the stability of kelp forests

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Cuong Thanh Le


Investigation of yersiniosis in Atlantic salmon in Tasmania


Shi Hong Lee


Impact of Climate Change on Physiological and Behavioural Responses of Coastal Micropytobenthos


Ryan David Lewis


Habitat-Forming Brown Macro-Algae: Recruitment, Abiotic Factors and Community Structure in Tasmania's Temperate Rocky Shore Ecosystems


Shijie Paul Li


Treatment of Amoebic Gill Disease (AGD) Caused by Neoparamoeba Perurans in Salmo Salar (Atlantic Salmon)


Damien Heinz Libaros


Untangling the Key Physical Processes Responsible for Ocean Warming Under Antarctic Ice Shelves


Christopher James Turnbull Mabin


Impacts of Climate Change on Biogenic Habitat-Forming Seaweeds in South East Australia: Heritibility of traits in Temperate Kelp


Raihan Mahmud


Characterisation and aetiology of Jelly-like gonad syndrome (JGS) in the carp Cyprinus carpio


Lara Marcus Zamora


Environmental and Biological Factors Driving Whale Sharks Distribution and Abundance in the Indian Ocean


Alessandro Maritati


Antarctic Heatflux from Regional and Global Geophysical Constraints in a Plate Reconstruction Framework


Stacey Ann McCormack


Energy Flow in Southern Ocean Ecosystems: Comparing mass balance and size-based approaches


Julie Christina McInnes


Using Non Invasive Faecal DNA Methodologies to Investigate Albatross Diet


Pamela Elaine Michael


Potential Impacts of Climate Change on the Dynamics and Distribution of Tuna, Major Industrial Pelagic Longline Fleets and Consequent Interactions with Threatened Albatrosses: A first application to the Indian Ocean


Kirrily Michelle Moore


A Systematic and Phylogenetic Revision of the Deep-Sea Genera Anthothela and Primnoisis (Coelenterate: Octocorallia: Alcyonacea) and An Exploration of the Biogeography of Primnoisis


David Armando Moreno Iturria


Biology of the White Spotted Dogfish (Squalus Acanthias) in South-East Australia


Mao Mori


Modelling ocean transport of key species in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean


Ehsan Mousavi

Ehsan Mousavi


Sex Differentiation and Determination in the Invasive Fish, Gambusia Holbrooki

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Rebecca Mueller


The Impact of Global Change on Marine Macroalgae in  Tasmanian Coastal Waters and their Capacity to React to a Changing Environment as Assessed by their Phenotypic and  Evolutionary Responses


Kieran Murphy


Life in the Fast Lane: Macroecology of cephalopods in a changing climate


Amy Nau


Mapping the Middle: Analysis of the water column using acoustic and optical methodologies


Lukas Neumann


Molecular Detection of Pathogens in Southern Bluefin Tuna


Thu Thi Anh Nguyen

Thu Nguyen


Detection and Characterization of Pivotal Genes Encoding Sex Changing Hormones in Asian Sea Bass (Lates Calcarifer)


Tan Duc Nguyen


Optimizing Prawn Production In Extensive Culture In Kien Giang Province, Vietnam


Quynh Anh Nguyen Duc


The Impact of Host Stress Hormones on Common Bacterial Aquaculture Pathogens Belonging to the Harveyi clade


Jessica Assarina Nilsson


A Holistic Analysis of Influences on Fisheries Collapse and Recovery


Catarina Do Carmo Norte Dos Santos


Intraepithelial Lymphiod Tissue in the Gills of Wild Fish


Camilla Novaglio


Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis on Historical Data to Determine the Most Reliable Baseline for Exploited Marine Communities, Considering Two Different Spatial Scales: Tasmania and South East Australia


Waldo Gabriel Nuez-Ortin

Waldo Nuez-Ortin


Identifying Sustainable Feeding Strategies for Salmon



Olumide Adedokun Odeyemi


Predictive modeling of growth and survivial of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus in raw and processed seafoods


Tina Oldham


Investigating Behavioural Changes and Optimisation in the Atlantic Salmon Industry


Mei Chen Ooi

Mei Ooi


Investigation and Mitigation of High Mortality Rates of Wild-Caught Sea-Caged Juvenile Spiny Lobsters, Panulirus Ornatus


Ramkrushnbhai Shaileshbhai Patel

Ram Patel

 The Physical and Bio-Optical Structure of Southern Ocean Eddies in Observations and Models

Samantha Lee Peel


Statistical Issues for Mapping Biodiversity in the Southern Ocean


Patricia Peinado Fuentes


Climate Change and the Early Life History of Cephalopods


Habacuc Uematzin Perez-Tribouillier

Habacuc Perez-Tribouillier


Quantifying Protactinium, Thorium and Neodymium Isotopes in Southwest Pacific Waters: Elucidating the Oceanographic Controls on these Tracers of Circulation, Productivity and Dust Input


Morgane Perron


Natural Iron Fertilisation of Oceans around Australia: Linking Terrestrial Aerosols to Marine Biogeochemistry


Lea Pesjak


Using Marine Sediment Cores to Assess Ice-Ocean Feedbacks Associated with Rapid Melting of the Antarctic Ice Sheet


Gabriela Semolini Pilo

Gabriela Pilo


Evolution and dynamics of eddies in Western Boundary Current Systems



Christopher Plummer


Holocene Climate and Environmental Indicators from Trace Chemistry of Law Dome Ice Core, Antarctica


Andrea Maree Polanowski


Mechanisms for Sex Determination in Antarctic Krill


Javier Porobic


An ecosystem based management framework for the Juan Fernandez ridge fisheries


Andre Matthias Pracejus


Exploring Differences in Fish Assemblage and Trophic Function between Eastern and Western Australia Using Oceanographic and Dive Survey Data - a Correlative Approach


Julio Francisco Pradenas


Melanomacrophage centres in Australian fish


Cassandra Anne Price


Climatic Variability and Harvest Impacts on the Demography of the Short-Tailed Shearwater (Puffinus Tenuirostris): A Trans-Equatorial Migratory Seabird


Abigael Hillery Proctor


Estimation of sensitivity data from predictive model toxicity testing for slow developing Antarctic species and;;the use of Bayesian models in establishing water quality guidelines


Roland Hudson Proud


Causes and Consequences of Variability in the Depths of Acoustic Deep Scattering Layers in the World Ocean


Fabien Queroue


Manganese Distributions in the Southern Ocean and the Co-impact Mn-Fe-Cu on Phytoplankton


Juan Carlos Quiroz Espinosa


A Consistent Approach to the Estimation of Sustainable Harvests of Patagonian Toothfish in Chilean, France and Australian Jurisdictions


Joanne Randall

Jo Randall


Management of Marine Systems

ResearchGate ORCID


Saurabh Rathore

Saurabh Rathore


The Impact of Recent Indian Ocean Warming on the Circulation, Watermass Distribution and Air-Sea Interaction in the Indian Ocean



Lavenia Ratnarajah


Effect of Natural Iron Fertilisation by Krill and Whales on the Southern Ocean Carbon Cycle


Kevin Scott Redd


Using DNA to Explore Predator Diet in Temperate Marine Ecosystems


Simon Edward Reeves


Managing Seaweed Bed Communities for Resilience in Port Phillip Bay


Asher Riaz

Asher Riaz


Improving Eddy Effects in Coarse Resolution Ocean Models


Nicholas Patrick Roden


Acidification and Carbonate Chemistry of Shelf Waters in the Australian Antarctic Territory


Lauren Roman

Lauren Roman


Population Level Effects of the Ingestion of Marine Debris by Seabirds


Giulia Roncon

Giulia Roncon


Comparative Diving Physiology and Ecology Across Southern Ocean Marine Predators



Yannick Rousseau


Predicting the future of global seafood production


Alicia Schmidt-Roach


Stock Structure and Critical Habitats For A Key Apex Predator: The sevengill shark


Isabel Sauermilch

Isabel Sauernilch

 The Evolving Paleo-Bathymetry of the Southern Ocean

Benjamin Joseph Schroeter

 Towards Improved Modelling of the High Southern Latitudes

Serena Elisabeth Schroeter


The response of Antarctic sea ice to anthropogenic climate change, from model and satellite observations


Andreas Seger


Exploration of Phoslock Clay in Mitigating Fish-killing Algal Blooms


Benjamin Harold Sellers


Determining Predator Prey Relationships of Killer Whales Within Distinct Areas of the Southern Ocean Using Biochemical Analytical Tools (Signature Fatty Acids and Stable Isotopes)


Victor Shelamoff


Effects of patch size and canopy on kelp community structure and function


Alessandro Silvano


Observations of Ocean - Ice Shelf Interaction at the Totten Glacier


Swan Li-San Sow


Microbial Oceanography of the Different Water Masses of the Southern Ocean


Erica Amy Spain


High Resolution Acoustic Mapping in Extreme Marine Environments


Michal Strzelec


Source Characterisation of Atmospheric Trace Metal Deposition Around Australia


Roshni Subramaniam


Food Web Modelling for the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean



Philip Craig Sweetman


Investigating Environmental Drivers Influencing Trends in the Long Term Variability of Growth, Recruitment, Fecundity and Spawning Stock Behaviours in Blue Grenadier (Macruronus novaezelandiae)


Masayuki Tatsumi


Dynamic Resilience and Stability Properties of Marine Systems: The Importance of Environment-Engineer Feedbacks in Kelp Forest


David Phillip Thornton


Evidence of carbon cycle changes from trace gas indicators in polar ice


Manon Tonnard The Biogeochemical Cycles of Trace Metals: Distributions and Speciation in the Ocean and Co-Impact on the Phytoplankton (GEOVIDE)

Trinh Thi Mong Tran


Effects of salmonid farm outfalls on stream macroinvertebrate assemblages in Tasmania


Toby Dirk Travers


The Current Status of Brown Skuas (Catharacta lonnbergii) on Macquarie Island: Breeding success, foraging strategies and heavy metal contamination. An investigation into how rabbit eradication has impacted the fitness of Macquarie Island's skua population


Audrey Daning Tuzan

Audrey Daning Tuzan

 Links between Energy Metabolism, Behaviour and Growth of Spiny Lobster

Samantha Twiname


Mechanistic approaches to understanding climate driven range shifts: using thermal performance to predict the outcome of predator-prey and competitive interactions


Ludmilla Fitri Untari


Variation and Inheritance of Toxin Production in the Dinolagellate Gymnodinium Catenatum


Roxana Vasile


Rock Lobster Larval Dispersal Modelling


Cecilia Villacorta Rath


Understanding the Stock-Recruitment Relationship in the Southern Rock Lobster


Md Wahiduzzaman


Investigation of the Atmospheric Teleconnection Processes Related with Monsoon Variability over the Basin of the Northern Indian Ocean


Jake Wallis

Jake Wallis


Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Southern Ocean Lower-Trophic Food Pathways



Shuangyao Wang


Feeding Respiratory Physiology of Spiny Lobster Juveniles in Culture


Delphi Frances Ward


Evaluating the likelihood of critical transitions in Southern Ocean ecosystems


Sally Watson

Sally Watson


Understanding the evolution of East Gondwana breakup and the influence of the Kerguelen plume


Christine Kim Weldrick Mapping Planktonic Trophic Pathways Through the Sea Ice Zone

Kay Weltz


Movement, Habitat Utilisation and Population Status of the Endangered Maugean Skate and Implications for Fishing and Aquaculture Operations in Macquarie Harbour


Clinton Neville Wilkinson


Impacts and Predictive Modelling of Coastal Upwellling on the South Australian Oyster Industry


Barrett William Wolfe


Physiological Mechanisms and Consequences of Climate-Driven Range Extensions in Pelagic Fish


Andrew Wood


Environmental Effects on the Developmental Physiology of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar)


Luwei Yang

Luwei Yang


Internal Waves and Mixing in the Southern Ocean


Affiliated PhD students

Miranda Nieboer - Humanities

Miranda Nieboer

Antarctic Interiors



Hanne Nielsen - Humanities

Hanne Nielsen

Not For Sale? Representations of Antarctica for Commercial Purposes

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February 6, 2017