Honours and Postgraduate

Graduate Diploma

Graduate Diploma

Graduate Diploma of

Applied Science (Marine Environment)

1 year Full Time / Launceston

The Graduate Diploma of Applied Science (Marine Environment) provides graduates with advanced specialist skills and professional development in one of four degree major specialisations. With specialisation options in fisheries management, aquaculture, marine conservation and aquatic animal health, graduates will demonstrate maximum value to employers in industry, government and non-government organisations. Graduates are well positioned to contribute in areas of marine resource and environmental management, science policy, and technical management across a range of marine and maritime industries.

Eight coursework units are completed according to the requirements for the chosen major specialisation. The coursework in the fisheries management specialisation can be undertaken by distance education.

A non-weighted practicum (work experience) component is a requirement of the course.

Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
July 25, 2016