IMAS Students

PhD students

Johnny Groneng Aase


Satellite-based monitoring of maritime activities in remote waters


Syed Abdul Salam


The Temperature Distribution Within the East Antarctic Ice Sheet


Helene Aflenzer


Impact of Ocean Acidification on the Availability and Toxicity of Trace Elements and Nutrients


Harris Anderson

Harris Anderson


Biogeochemical Response of the Southern Ocean to Millennial-Scale Climate Change During Marine Isotope Stage 3


Marion Angelini


Examining the Physiological Tolerance of the Prey of the Maugean Skate in Macquarie Harbour to Low Dissolved Oxygen


Reia Nicolle Anquet


Participation of Indigenous Peoples in Public Marine Governance: Australia, Canada and New Zealand


Lilian “Denisse” Fierro Arcos

Denisse Arcos


Understanding the Impacts of fine-scale Sea ice and Ocean Dynamics on Southern Ocean ecosystems

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Debbie Emma Baird-Bower


Demographic Responses of Antarctic Fur Seals to Environmental Variability


Geoffrey Barrington Baker


Demography and Conservation of Shy Albatross (Thalassarche Cauta)


Kimberlee Baldry

Kimberlee Baldry


New and Improved Environmental Surrogates for Primary Productivity and Plankton Biodiversity in the Southern Ocean and Their Utility in Carbon Budgets, Ecological Budgets and Monitoring Change

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Penny Elizabeth Beaver


A Comparative Tracking Study of Temperate and Subtropical Nesting Wedge-Tailed Shearwater (Ardenna Pacifica) in NSW


James Clement Bennett


Expanding the use of ensemble streamflow forecasts in Australia


Chris Berry

Chris Berry


Morphology and Habitats of Southern Tasman Sea Seamounts


Tyson Bessell

Tyson Bessell


Ecology and Conservation Biology of Red Handfish



Ce Bian


Bella Kelly Blanche


Detecting Human Influence in Global Ocean Salinity Patterns


Stephen Bradshaw

Stephen Bradshaw


Environmental Drivers of Southern Rock Lobster Productivity


Florence Briton


Evaluation of Harvest Control Rules for Mixed Fisheries under Catch Quota Management


Damon Britton

Damon Britton


Investigating the Indirect Effects of Climate Change on the Blacklip Abalone by Assessing Temporal and Spatial Variation in Seaweed Nutritional Quality and the Effects of Ocean Acidification of Coralline Algae


Paolo Campus


Exploring Novel Use of Waste from the Invasive Sea Urchin Fishery Using Life Cycle Assessment


Ian Cartwright

 The Under-Utilisation of Australia’s Living Marine Resources

Cheng Chen


Determining and Understanding Changes in Sea Level over the Last Century


Lynnlee Chikudza


Ernest Chuku


Amy Coghlan


Relative Importance of Pelagic Versus Different Types of Benthic Primary Production (Coral, Macroalgal, Microphytobenthos) on Shallow Reefs


Francesco Giovanni Comezzi


Skin Health in Chinook Salmon Farmed in New Zealand


Corrine Condie


Matthew Corkill


Resolving Key Iron Processes in Antarctic Sea Ice



Andrea Cranenburgh


How do Standing Meanders Brake the Antarctic Circumpolar Current?


Lisa Craw


The Influence of Marine Ice on Ice Shelf Dynamics and Stability



Layla Creac'h

Layla Creac


Evaluation and Application of Palaeoceanographic Proxies in the Southern Ocean

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Camilla Crockart

Camilla Crockart


Developing paleoclimate records to interrogate Indian Ocean continent climate coherencies from East Antarctic ice core records



Sandra Edulia Curin Osorio


Identifying Fish Stocks Prone to Interdecadal Productivity Shifts Across Different Worldwide Marine Ecosystems


Laura Dalman


Owen Daniel


Maternal Investment by Southern Elephant Seal (Mirounga leonina): Foraging Success and Offspring Survival


Felipe Da Silva

Felipe Da Silva


Dynamical oceanography of a standing meander in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current: a parallel investigation with observations and models



Ricardo Rocha Pavan Da Silva


Developing Biomarkers of Salmon Farming: Tracing feeds in the environment


Andrea Davies


Using Geochemical Techniques to Quantify Dust Deposition to the Southern Ocean


Lara Denis-Roy

Lara Denis-Roy

 Unravelling the diversity and complexity of reef communities using metagenomics

Ricardo De Paoli-Iseppi


Seabird Age Estimation with Molecular Biomarkers


Olivia Dove

Olivia Dove


The influence of fine-scale environmental variation and anthropogenic factors on the foraging ecology of marine mesopredators in south-east Tasmania

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Luis Paulo Duprat


Role of Sea Ice as a Source of Bio-Available Iron to Antarctic Surface Waters


Anes Dwi Jayanti


Emilio Roque Echevarria


Global to Coastal Implications of Surface Current Modulation of the Wind-Wave Field


Rani Ekawaty

Rani Ekawaty


Harvest Strategies for Tasmanian Coastal Fisheries Shared Between Recreational and Commercial Sectors

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Deanna Elvines


Tracing the Fate of Fish farm Derived Nutrients in the Broader Marine Environment


Moha Esmaeili

Mohammad Esmaeili


Impact of nutritional and environmental factors on the proteome and gene expression in Atlantic salmon



Rhian Evans


An Integrated Study of an Australian Marine Biodiversity Hotspot


Marco Foddai


Examining habitat use and behaviour of white sharks


Hannah Fogarty

Hannah Fogarty


Climate Proofing Australian Fisheries Management



Romain Forestier


Modelling Biodiversity Related Ecosystem Processes as a Complex Adaptive System


Isaac Parlan Forster


Environmental drivers of cetacean strandings between Southern Australia and New Zealand


Kate Fraser

Kate Fraser


Broad-Scale Assessment of the Role of Macrofauna in Reef Food Webs


Julien Michel Freyer


Comparative Diving Physiology and Ecology across Southern Ocean Marine Predators


Noemie Friscourt

Noemie Friscourt


Using marine predators as integrated samplers of the southern ocean marine ecosystem

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Anneli Fugedi


Maternal and Paternal Influences on Growth in Cephalopods


Sofia Gabriel

Sofia Gabriel


Examining habitat use and behaviour of white sharks

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Madelaine Gamble Rosevear

Madi Rosevear


Fine Scale Ocean Processes Driving the Basal Melting of Ice Shelves



Deborah Gardner


Development of Culture Techniques for the Native Oyster Ostrea Angasi, to Maximise Farm Production and Restore Reef Habitat


Cristina Genovese


Role of Organic Ligands in the Distribution of Iron in Polar Waters


Lachlan George


Fine-Scale Behaviour of Elasmobranchs



Daniel Coen Gledhill


Historical biogeography of the marine fishes of northern Australia


Lyn (Lynda) Goldsworthy

Lyn Goldsworthy


Perspectives in Marine Conservation: CCAMLR as a Case Study for Marine Resource Management Strategies

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Megan Grant

Megan Grant


Seabirds as a Vector for Nutrients and Pollutants on Islands

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David Green


The Missing Link: Meso-pelagic prey field prediction for Southern Ocean marine predators


Cara-paige Green


In the Footsteps of John Warham: Quantifying the ecological factors under-pinning population trends in crested penguins

Charley Gros  

Bianca Haas

Bianca Haas


Fisheries and the Sustainable Development Goals: Working towards a comprehensive framework



Svenja Halfter

Svenja Halfter


The Ocean's Biological Pump: Mesozooplankton controls on particle export

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Sheryl Hamilton

Sheryl Hamilton


Mitigation of Marine Mammal Bycatch in Net (Trawl, Purse Seine, Gillnet) Fisheries with a Focus on the Endangered New Zealand Sea Lion (Phocarctos Hookeri) as a Case Study

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Angela Hansen

Angela Hansen


Environmental pollutants including plastic and trace elements in Tasmanian and Victorian Waterfowl

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Cher Harte


The Impact of oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converters on the Marine Environment: Colonisarion by Biofouling Communities


Aiko Hayashi


Aspergillus Sydowii, a Marine Fungal Pathogen and its Impact on Symbiodinium Dinoflagellates and Corals


Freddie J. Heather

Freddie Heather


Development of a New Size-Structured Ecological Model for Assessing Human Impacts on Coastal Food Webs

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Angus Henderson


Ben Hendriks


Observation and High-Resolution Modelling of Atmospheric Waves in the Davis Region, Antarctica


Kaitlyn Louise Higgins


Examining the effect of fear, risk effects and secondary effects of predation on social behaviour in fish in the context of aquaculture and conservation



Nicholas Hill


Harvest Strategies for Data Poor Tasmanian Coastal Fisheries


Ivan Andres Esteban Hinojosa Toledo


Settlement and Recruitment Processes in the Southern Rock Lobster, Jasus edwardsii: The influence of oceanographic features, pueruli behaviour and kelp habitat


Hannes Hollmann

Hannes Hollmann


A Geophysical Investigation of the Subglacial Environment and its Role in the Evolution of Ice Dynamics

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Zetao Huang

Zetao Huang


Did the Balleny plume influence the depth of the Tasman Gateway and the onset of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current?


Md Jakiul Islam


Impact of Nutritional and Environmental Factors on the Proteome and Gene Expression in Chinook Salmon


Shikder Saiful Islam


Sierra Ison

Sierra Ison


Linking Marine Science to Action: the role and utility of outcome mapping

CSIRO TEPS PhD page CSIRO NWSFTCP Turtle Conservation Program


Christine Jackson


Determining Cetacean - Cephalopod Trophic Interactions - A Qualitative and Quantitative Approach


Khattapan Jantawongsri


Immunotoxicology of The Fourhorn Sculpins (Myoxocephalus quadricornis) Living in a Lead-Zinc Mine Site in North East Greenland


Irwan Jatmiko


Sahan Jayasinghe

Sahan Jayasinghe


The Alien Characteristics of Sea Ice: An Environment to Aid in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life


Xiaoxuan Jiang


John Johnson


The Ecological Role of Squalus Acanthias in Macquarie Harbour and Its Relationship with Marine Farming


Robert Johnson


Effects of Climate Change on Phytoplankton Primary Production and Chemotaxonomy in Southern Ocean and Antarctic Ecosystems


Anna Kelly

Tara Kelly  

Mohammad Khodajouei


Enhancing Decision Making in a Multi-Use Management Environment by Capitalising on Available Information: Linking data sources through GIS to provide meaningful decision support outputs


Andrew Stephen King


A Targeted Risk Assessment of the Options for Expansion of Salmonid Aquaculture (Offshore versus Onshore)


Calum Knight


Cloud microphysical processes above Southern Ocean sea ice and coastal Antarctica

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Katarzyna Kropielnicka-Kruk


Evaluation on Protein and Energy Requirements for Lobsters Growth in Aquaculture


Michael Landman


Lipid Class Requirement and Metabolism of Rock Lobsters


Pauline Marie Aurelie Latour


The Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements in the Australian Sector of the Southern Ocean: GEOTRACES-SR3 repeat section from Tasmania to Antarctica


Cuong Thanh Le


Investigation of yersiniosis in Atlantic salmon in Tasmania


Ryan David Lewis


Habitat-Forming Brown Macro-Algae: Recruitment, Abiotic Factors and Community Structure in Tasmania's Temperate Rocky Shore Ecosystems


Stephy Libera


The Ocean's role in driving Antarctic Sea Ice Trends


Guillaume Liniger

Guillaume Liniger


Drivers of Primary Productivity in Antarctic Polynyas

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Zeya Li


Understanding ENSO Event Modulation of Marine Heatwaves


Damien Heinz Libaros


Untangling the Key Physical Processes Responsible for Ocean Warming Under Antarctic Ice Shelves


Jiale Lou

 Predictability of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation

Luca Magri

 Geophysical and petrological investigation of the evolution of William's Ridge, Kerguelen Plateau

Gioele Marchese

Monitoring Adelie penguins and using them as eco-indicators of the marine Antarctic communities with an eco-physiological approach



Maxime Marin


Modification of Marine Heat Waves Intensity and Frequency and Behaviour of the Leeuwin Current in the Context of Climate Change Hiatus


Alessandro Maritati

Alessandro Maritati


Antarctic Heatflux from Regional and Global Geophysical Constraints in a Plate Reconstruction Framework


Claire Mason


Climate Variability Influences on Shy Albatross Populations and Conservation under Climate Change

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Jane McKellar


Jan Jaap Meijer

Jan Jaap Meijer


An Observational Study of the Role of Standing Meanders in Slowing the ACC and Transporting Heat to Antarctica

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Jessica Melvin


Effect of Ocean Acidification on Physiology and Growth of Antarctic Krill

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Juan Carlos Montes-Herrera

Juan Carlos Montes-Herrera

 Improving Biodiversity Assessments of Benthic Communities using Underwater Hyperspectral Techniques


Kirrily Moore


A Systematic and Phylogenetic Revision of the Deep-Sea Genera Anthothela and Primnoisis (Coelenterate: Octocorallia: Alcyonacea) and An Exploration of the Biogeography of Primnoisis


David Armando Moreno Iturria


Biology of the White Spotted Dogfish (Squalus Acanthias) in South-East Australia


Ehsan Mousavi

Ehsan Mousavi


Sex Differentiation and Determination in the Invasive Fish, Gambusia Holbrooki

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Kieran Murphy

Kieran Murphy


Life in the Fast Lane: Macroecology of cephalopods in a changing climate

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Michael Murunga

Michael Murunga


Are We Getting Through? Evaluating the Success and Impact of Science Communication and Engagement Activities

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Allyson Eduardo Nardelli

Allyson Nardelli


Seaweed Solutions for Sustainable Aquaculture: optimisation of at sea culture 

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Amy Nau


Mapping the Middle: Analysis of the water column using acoustic and optical methodologies


Camilla Novaglio


Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis on Historical Data to Determine the Most Reliable Baseline for Exploited Marine Communities, Considering Two Different Spatial Scales: Tasmania and South East Australia


Katherine Ollerhead

Katherine Ollerhead


Effects of Temperature and Salinity on Physiology, Metabolic Rate and Aerobic Scope of Elasmobranchs



Waldo Gabriel Nuez-Ortin

Waldo Nuez-Ortin


Identifying Sustainable Feeding Strategies for Salmon




Microfossil and Ancient DNA Approaches to Reconstruct Changes in Plankton Communities in an 8000-year-old Maria Island Sediment Core

ORCID ResearchGate


Ellie Paine

Ellie Paine


Seaweeds in a Future Ocean: The role of nitrogen in modifying the responses of temperate seaweeds to ocean acidification

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Penelope Pascoe

Penny Pascoe


The Effects of Pest Eradication and Seabird Recovery on Island Food Web Structure and Function


Ramkrushnbhai Shaileshbhai Patel

Ram Patel


The Physical and Bio-Optical Structure of Southern Ocean Eddies in Observations and Models


Cassandra Stephanie Andrea Pavez

Casandra Pavez


Understanding Distribution Behaviour and Morphology of Antarctic Krill by using the Data Collected by Scientific Observers on Krill Fishing Vessels


Samantha Lee Peel


Statistical Issues for Mapping Biodiversity in the Southern Ocean


Patricia Peinado Fuentes

Patricia Peinado


Climate Change and the Early Life History of Cephalopods


Lea Pesjak


Using Marine Sediment Cores to Assess Ice-Ocean Feedbacks Associated with Rapid Melting of the Antarctic Ice Sheet


Nicholas Pittman


Climate-Driven Variability in Tropical Pacific Productivity


Andre Matthias Pracejus


Exploring Differences in Fish Assemblage and Trophic Function between Eastern and Western Australia Using Oceanographic and Dive Survey Data - a Correlative Approach


Julio Francisco Pradenas


Melanomacrophage centres in Australian fish


Cassandra Anne Price


Climatic Variability and Harvest Impacts on the Demography of the Short-Tailed Shearwater (Puffinus Tenuirostris): A Trans-Equatorial Migratory Seabird


Peter Puskic

Peter Puskic


Invisible Harm: Examining the cellular-level effects of ingested plastic on seabirds



Xintong Qiu


Developing a Process Model for Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) Technology Incorporating a Fugacity Model to Track Waste Signal


Fabien Queroue


Manganese Distributions in the Southern Ocean and the Co-impact Mn-Fe-Cu on Phytoplankton


Petra Del Rocio Quezada Rodriguez



Gill Necrosis in Farmed Atlantic Salmon

ORCID ResearchGate


Juan Carlos Quiroz Espinosa


A Consistent Approach to the Estimation of Sustainable Harvests of Patagonian Toothfish in Chilean, France and Australian Jurisdictions


Pricilla Rakotoarisoa

Pricilla Rakotoarisoa


Political ecology of the blue economy: an interpretive scale perspective, from discourse analysis to impact-approach

ORCID ResearchGate Academia


Saurabh Rathore

Saurabh Rathore


The Impact of Recent Indian Ocean Warming on the Circulation, Watermass Distribution and Air-Sea Interaction in the Indian Ocean



Lavenia Ratnarajah


Effect of Natural Iron Fertilisation by Krill and Whales on the Southern Ocean Carbon Cycle


Komeil Razmi

Komeil Razmi


Genome Editing Approach to Manipulate Sex in Fish: A novel solution for pest fish control

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Tormey Reimer

Tormey Reimer


Clarifying and Optimising the Environmental Benefits of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA)

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Asher Riaz

Asher Riaz


Improving Eddy Effects in Coarse Resolution Ocean Models


Javed Riaz

Javed Riaz


Adelie Penguins as Ecosystem Indicators: foraging behaviour and habitat



Natalia Ribeiro Santos

Natalia Ribeiro


There goes the neighbourhood: how enhanced ice shelf melting is impacting downstream polynyas


Kim Robinson


Giulia Roncon

Giulia Roncon


Comparative Diving Physiology and Ecology Across Southern Ocean Marine Predators



Karina Ryan


Abhishek Savita


Global and Regional Sea Level Sensitivity to Changing Ocean Water Mass Properties and Circulation Processes


Benjamin Joseph Schroeter


Towards Improved Modelling of the High Southern Latitudes


Jakop Schwoerbel

Jakop Schwoerbel


Seaweed solutions for sustainable aquaculture: optimisation of hatchery production


Sheku Sei


Benjamin Harold Sellers


Determining Predator Prey Relationships of Killer Whales Within Distinct Areas of the Southern Ocean Using Biochemical Analytical Tools (Signature Fatty Acids and Stable Isotopes)


Ana Catarina Serra Goncalves


Identifying Patterns in the Distribution of Plastic Debris in Australia


Joel Slinger


Understanding How the Microbiome of Host and Pathogen Affects AGD Pathogenesis

Aaron Smith 

Identification of Candidate Vaccine Antigens to Protect Atlantic Salmon from Amoebic Gill Disease


Abigail Smith

Abbie Smith


Influence of Marine Animals on the Biological Carbon Pump in the Southern Ocean

ResearchGate LinkedIn


Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith


Lose home or eat more: comparative prey choice and consumption of different rock lobsters species on barren forming sea urchins


Erica Spain


High Resolution Acoustic Mapping in Extreme Marine Environments


Brett Stacy


Optimising Data Collection and Robust Tag-Based Assessment Strategies for Exploratory Fisheries


Michal Strzelec


Source Characterisation of Atmospheric Trace Metal Deposition Around Australia


Jiaoyang Su


The Role of Eddies in Southern Ocean Biogeochemistry


Roshni Subramaniam


Food Web Modelling for the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean



Darryn Sward


Developing Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) as a Platform for Robust Video-Based Surveys of Biodiversity in Deep-Water Habitats across the Tasmanian Continental Shelf


Philip Craig Sweetman


Investigating Environmental Drivers Influencing Trends in the Long Term Variability of Growth, Recruitment, Fecundity and Spawning Stock Behaviours in Blue Grenadier (Macruronus novaezelandiae)

Renzo Marcello Tascheri Oyender


Testing Generic Management Strategies for the Fisheries of the Ancud Common Fishing Zone (ACFZ) in Southern Chile. An Application of a Data Poor Management Strategy Evaluation Approach


Matthieu Taymans


Tian Tian


The Role of Sea Ice Kinematics on the State of Antarctic Sea Ice


Aylin Mohammadalipour Tofighi

Aylin Mohammadalipour Tofighi


Examination of Existing Transboundary Legislation in the Context of Marine Geoengineering


Sian Tooze


Investigating the Response of  the Totten Glacier to Past Climate Warming Using Marine Sediment



Ngoc Kim Tran


Bidirectional Sex Reversal in Adult Gonochoristic Fish Gambusia Holbrooki: Stability and behavioural implications


Toby Dirk Travers


The Current Status of Brown Skuas (Catharacta lonnbergii) on Macquarie Island: Breeding success, foraging strategies and heavy metal contamination. An investigation into how rabbit eradication has impacted the fitness of Macquarie Island's skua population


Alison Turnbull


Improved Monitoring and Physiological Impact of Paralytic Shellfish Toxins in Southern Rock Lobster


Danielle Udy

Danielle Udy


Extending the Palaeohydroclimatology Record of Eastern Australia to Underpin Efficient Water Management by Understanding Long Term Climate Variability


Phil Vandenbossche

Phil Vandenbossche


Evolution of the seafloor of the Australian-Antarctic Southern Ocean


Roxana Vasile


Rock Lobster Larval Dispersal Modelling


Devi Veytia


Biophysical Modelling of Antarctic Krill: Key habitats, ocean transport and dependent marine predators


Jacob Virtue


Clara Rodriguez Vives


The Southern Ocean Spring Bloom: Assessing the temporal and spatial variability of ice-edge phytoplankton blooms off East Antarctica


Lael Wakamatsu


The Inception, Development and Spread of Harmful Algal Blooms and Links to Oceanographic Phenomena


Shuangyao Wang


Feeding Respiratory Physiology of Spiny Lobster Juveniles in Culture


Yu Wang

Yu Wang


Mesoscale eddy energetics and the shelf-open ocean tracer exchange in the East Australian Current region

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Zhaohui Wang


Investigating Improvements in Atmospheric Forecasts when Using Non-Static Sea Ice


Jakob Weis


Melanie Wells


Assessing and managing disease threats to seabirds

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Ahmad Catur Widyatmoko



Applying New Tracking Technologies and Optimal Foraging Theory to Understand Small Scale Fisheries and Address Illegal Fishing

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Clinton Neville Wilkinson


Impacts and Predictive Modelling of Coastal Upwellling on the South Australian Oyster Industry


Andrea Wirtz


Factorial Bioenergetic Model for Determination of Protein and Energy Requirements of Spiny Lobster Juveniles in Culture


Barrett William Wolfe


Physiological Mechanisms and Consequences of Climate-Driven Range Extensions in Pelagic Fish


Lincoln Sheung Chi Wong

Lincoln Wong


The Ecological Significance and Habitat Restoration Effectiveness of Taut Ecomooring: Assessing the recovery and temporal changes of epibenthic community and threatened species distribution


Briannyn Woods


Understanding the Energy Pathways through Southern Ocean Mesopelagic Communities


Bailee Woolley


Life-history and Reproductive Behaviour of the Vulnerable Melbourne Skate to Inform Fisheries Management and Conservation



Qianjiang Xing


How the Complexity of Continental Breakup Controls Ocean Circulation


Luwei Yang

Luwei Yang


Internal Waves and Mixing in the Southern Ocean


Mengzhu Zhang


China, Science and the Values of the Antarctic Treaty System


Xihan Zhang

The role of small-scale ocean dynamics for equilibration of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and its sensitivity to wind



Ruixiang Zhao

Ruixiang Zhao


Relationship between Gut Microbiome and Health in Chinook Salmon

Affiliated PhD students

Rebecca Hingley - Humanities

Rebecca Hingley


Antarctic Geopolitics and Heritage

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October 8, 2020