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Pricilla Rakotoarisoa

Pricilla Rakotoarisoa


Political ecology of the blue economy: an interpretive scale perspective, from discourse analysis to impact-approach

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Tormey Reimer

Tormey Reimer


Clarifying and Optimising the Environmental Benefits of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA)

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Javed Riaz

Javed Riaz


Adelie Penguins as Ecosystem Indicators: foraging behaviour and habitat



Natalia Ribeiro Santos

Natalia Ribeiro


There goes the neighbourhood: how enhanced ice shelf melting is impacting downstream polynyas


Benjamin Joseph Schroeter


Towards Improved Modelling of the High Southern Latitudes


Jakop Schwoerbel

Jakop Schwoerbel


Seaweed solutions for sustainable aquaculture: optimisation of hatchery production


Ana Catarina Serra Goncalves


Identifying Patterns in the Distribution of Plastic Debris in Australia

Aaron Smith 

Identification of Candidate Vaccine Antigens to Protect Atlantic Salmon from Amoebic Gill Disease


Abigail Smith

Abbie Smith


Influence of Marine Animals on the Biological Carbon Pump in the Southern Ocean

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Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith


Lose home or eat more: comparative prey choice and consumption of different rock lobsters species on barren forming sea urchins


Erica Spain


High Resolution Acoustic Mapping in Extreme Marine Environments


Brett Stacy


Optimising Data Collection and Robust Tag-Based Assessment Strategies for Exploratory Fisheries


Lillian Stewart


Identifying solutions-based approaches to debris accumulation on remote islands


Jiaoyang Su


The Role of Eddies in Southern Ocean Biogeochemistry


Darryn Sward


Developing Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) as a Platform for Robust Video-Based Surveys of Biodiversity in Deep-Water Habitats across the Tasmanian Continental Shelf


Aylin Mohammadalipour Tofighi

Aylin Mohammadalipour Tofighi


Examination of Existing Transboundary Legislation in the Context of Marine Geoengineering


Sian Tooze


Investigating the Response of  the Totten Glacier to Past Climate Warming Using Marine Sediment


Chris Traill

Coupling biogeochemical cycling of iron and carbon in the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean


Danielle Udy

Danielle Udy


Extending the Palaeohydroclimatology Record of Eastern Australia to Underpin Efficient Water Management by Understanding Long Term Climate Variability


Phil Vandenbossche

Phil Vandenbossche


Evolution of the seafloor of the Australian-Antarctic Southern Ocean


Devi Veytia


Biophysical Modelling of Antarctic Krill: Key habitats, ocean transport and dependent marine predators


Benjamin Viola


Understanding habitat use by Snow Petrels in a changing environment

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Sophia Volzke


The demography southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina) under changing climatic conditions


Lael Wakamatsu


The Inception, Development and Spread of Harmful Algal Blooms and Links to Oceanographic Phenomena


Yu Wang

Yu Wang


Mesoscale eddy energetics and the shelf-open ocean tracer exchange in the East Australian Current region

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 Understanding the predictability of marine heatwaves

Zhaohui Wang


Investigating Improvements in Atmospheric Forecasts when Using Non-Static Sea Ice


Ahmad Catur Widyatmoko



Applying New Tracking Technologies and Optimal Foraging Theory to Understand Small Scale Fisheries and Address Illegal Fishing

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Mike Williams

Novel molecular methods for characterising the microbiota of cultured oysters and the impact of environmental inputs.


Andrea Wirtz


Factorial Bioenergetic Model for Determination of Protein and Energy Requirements of Spiny Lobster Juveniles in Culture


Lincoln Sheung Chi Wong

Lincoln Wong


The Ecological Significance and Habitat Restoration Effectiveness of Taut Ecomooring: Assessing the recovery and temporal changes of epibenthic community and threatened species distribution

Rachel Wong

Describing deep reef fauna of the Tasman Fracture Marine Park: Spatial and temporal patterns and broader biogeographical relationships


Briannyn Woods


Understanding the Energy Pathways through Southern Ocean Mesopelagic Communities


Bailee Woolley


Life-history and Reproductive Behaviour of the Vulnerable Melbourne Skate to Inform Fisheries Management and Conservation



Olivia Wynn


Inorganic carbon physiology of marine macroalgae in a changing climate: physiological and molecular responses


Qianjiang Xing


How the Complexity of Continental Breakup Controls Ocean Circulation


Kai Yang

Kai Yang


Are declines in coastal biodiversity driven by trends in frontal activity?



Mengzhu Zhang


China, Science and the Values of the Antarctic Treaty System


Shujing Zhang


Adjoint Modelling of the Sensitivity of Southern Ocean Heat Uptake


Xihan Zhang

The role of small-scale ocean dynamics for equilibration of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and its sensitivity to wind



Ruixiang Zhao

Ruixiang Zhao


Relationship between Gut Microbiome and Health in Chinook Salmon

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September 17, 2021