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Md Jakiul Islam


Impact of Nutritional and Environmental Factors on the Proteome and Gene Expression in Chinook Salmon


Sierra Ison

Sierra Ison


Linking Marine Science to Action: the role and utility of outcome mapping

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Christine Jackson


Determining Cetacean - Cephalopod Trophic Interactions - A Qualitative and Quantitative Approach


Maya Jakes


Production and dissipation of thermohaline anomalies in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current using Lagrangian methods


Khattapan Jantawongsri


Immunotoxicology of The Fourhorn Sculpins (Myoxocephalus quadricornis) Living in a Lead-Zinc Mine Site in North East Greenland


Sahan Jayasinghe

Sahan Jayasinghe


The Alien Characteristics of Sea Ice: An Environment to Aid in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life


Alexandra (Alex) Johne


Developing new mechanistic size-structured models to support climate-resilient aquaculture



John Johnson


The Ecological Role of Squalus Acanthias in Macquarie Harbour and Its Relationship with Marine Farming


Olivia Johnson


Safeguarding Threatened Reef Species


Robert Johnson


Effects of Climate Change on Phytoplankton Primary Production and Chemotaxonomy in Southern Ocean and Antarctic Ecosystems


Tyson Jones


Traits of detectability: Towards unbiased density estimates of reef fishes and invertebrates



Mohammad Khodajouei


Enhancing Decision Making in a Multi-Use Management Environment by Capitalising on Available Information: Linking data sources through GIS to provide meaningful decision support outputs


Andrew Stephen King


A Targeted Risk Assessment of the Options for Expansion of Salmonid Aquaculture (Offshore versus Onshore)


Calum Knight


Cloud microphysical processes above Southern Ocean sea ice and coastal Antarctica

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Katarzyna Kropielnicka-Kruk


Evaluation on Protein and Energy Requirements for Lobsters Growth in Aquaculture


Michael Landman


Lipid Class Requirement and Metabolism of Rock Lobsters


Pauline Marie Aurelie Latour


The Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements in the Australian Sector of the Southern Ocean: GEOTRACES-SR3 repeat section from Tasmania to Antarctica


Cuong Thanh Le


Investigation of yersiniosis in Atlantic salmon in Tasmania


Stephy Libera


The Ocean's role in driving Antarctic Sea Ice Trends


Guillaume Liniger

Guillaume Liniger


Drivers of Primary Productivity in Antarctic Polynyas

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Zeya Li


Understanding ENSO Event Modulation of Marine Heatwaves


Damien Heinz Libaros


Untangling the Key Physical Processes Responsible for Ocean Warming Under Antarctic Ice Shelves


Jiale Lou

 Predictability of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation

Luca Magri

 Geophysical and petrological investigation of the evolution of William's Ridge, Kerguelen Plateau
Monitoring Adelie penguins and using them as eco-indicators of the marine Antarctic communities with an eco-physiological approach



Maxime Marin


Modification of Marine Heat Waves Intensity and Frequency and Behaviour of the Leeuwin Current in the Context of Climate Change Hiatus


Claire Mason


Climate Variability Influences on Shy Albatross Populations and Conservation under Climate Change

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Jan Jaap Meijer

Jan Jaap Meijer


An Observational Study of the Role of Standing Meanders in Slowing the ACC and Transporting Heat to Antarctica

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Jessica Melvin


Effect of Ocean Acidification on Physiology and Growth of Antarctic Krill

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Juan Carlos Montes-Herrera

Juan Carlos Montes-Herrera


Improving Biodiversity Assessments of Benthic Communities using Underwater Hyperspectral Techniques



Kirrily Moore


A Systematic and Phylogenetic Revision of the Deep-Sea Genera Anthothela and Primnoisis (Coelenterate: Octocorallia: Alcyonacea) and An Exploration of the Biogeography of Primnoisis


David Armando Moreno Iturria


Biology of the White Spotted Dogfish (Squalus Acanthias) in South-East Australia


Michael Murunga

Michael Murunga


Are We Getting Through? Evaluating the Success and Impact of Science Communication and Engagement Activities

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Allyson Eduardo Nardelli

Allyson Nardelli


Seaweed Solutions for Sustainable Aquaculture: optimisation of at sea culture 

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Amy Nau


Mapping the Middle: Analysis of the water column using acoustic and optical methodologies


Camilla Novaglio


Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis on Historical Data to Determine the Most Reliable Baseline for Exploited Marine Communities, Considering Two Different Spatial Scales: Tasmania and South East Australia


Katherine Ollerhead

Katherine Ollerhead


Effects of Temperature and Salinity on Physiology, Metabolic Rate and Aerobic Scope of Elasmobranchs



Waldo Gabriel Nuez-Ortin

Waldo Nuez-Ortin


Identifying Sustainable Feeding Strategies for Salmon




Microfossil and Ancient DNA Approaches to Reconstruct Changes in Plankton Communities in an 8000-year-old Maria Island Sediment Core

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Ellie Paine

Ellie Paine


Seaweeds in a Future Ocean: The role of nitrogen in modifying the responses of temperate seaweeds to ocean acidification

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Penelope Pascoe

Penny Pascoe


The Effects of Pest Eradication and Seabird Recovery on Island Food Web Structure and Function


Cassandra Stephanie Andrea Pavez

Casandra Pavez


Understanding Distribution Behaviour and Morphology of Antarctic Krill by using the Data Collected by Scientific Observers on Krill Fishing Vessels


Lea Pesjak


The variability of ocean circulation, productivity, and sea ice in the Adélie region, East Antarctica, over the last two glacial cycles


Nicholas Pittman


Climate-Driven Variability in Tropical Pacific Productivity


Andre Matthias Pracejus


Exploring Differences in Fish Assemblage and Trophic Function between Eastern and Western Australia Using Oceanographic and Dive Survey Data - a Correlative Approach


Julio Francisco Pradenas


Melanomacrophage centres in Australian fish


Cassandra Anne Price


Climatic Variability and Harvest Impacts on the Demography of the Short-Tailed Shearwater (Puffinus Tenuirostris): A Trans-Equatorial Migratory Seabird


Peter Puskic

Peter Puskic


Invisible Harm: Examining the cellular-level effects of ingested plastic on seabirds



Xintong Qiu


Developing a Process Model for Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) Technology Incorporating a Fugacity Model to Track Waste Signal


Fabien Queroue


Manganese Distributions in the Southern Ocean and the Co-impact Mn-Fe-Cu on Phytoplankton


Petra Del Rocio Quezada Rodriguez



Gill Necrosis in Farmed Atlantic Salmon

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Juan Carlos Quiroz Espinosa


A Consistent Approach to the Estimation of Sustainable Harvests of Patagonian Toothfish in Chilean, France and Australian Jurisdictions

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June 11, 2021