Classifying Southern Ocean clouds using machine learning

Supervision Team:

Primary supervisor: Associate Professor Peter Strutton (IMAS)

Co-supervisor: Dr. Marc Mallet (IMAS), Dr. John French (IMAS, AAD)

Additional supervisors: Dr. Andrew Klekociuk (IMAS, AAD)

Brief project description:

Observations of clouds, precipitation and radiation over the Southern Ocean are of significant value to the climate modelling community. Recent radiation and precipitation observations on board MS The World and the Aurora Australis are augmented by All Sky Camera images, which can be used to understand cloud occurrence, fractional sky cover and type. The student will be responsible for training, testing and validating machine-learned algorithms to classify different cloud types and other observational phenomena.

Skills students will develop during this research project:

Machine learning, image classification, R &/or python, git/github, scientific writing and publication

Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
June 25, 2020