Ingestion of microplastics by Tasmanian shorebirds

Supervisor team:

Dr Eric Woehler

Dr Jennifer Lavers

Project description:

The project investigates the presence of microplastics in shorebirds (waders) by looking at their guano and comparing these with surrounding sediment samples and from prey species.

There are records of microplastics in invertebrates such as amphipods on which shorebirds forage, and the study will investigate whether the particles are accumulated by the birds, or pass through and are excreted. 

The project will investigate a number of species at several sites in southeast Tasmania

Skills student will develop during this project:

You will gain knowledge in avian ecology, as well as marine and pollution ecology. You will also have hands-on field and laboratory experience, and will develop skills in scientific writing and statistical analyses.

Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
August 14, 2020