Orange is the new Red – Evaluating a Colorimetric Indicator for Mercury Pollution

Supervisor team may include:

Dr Catriona Macleod

Dr Justin Chalker (Flinders University)

This project will test a novel approach to detect mercury contamination and bioavailability in sediments? Scientists at Flinders University have developed an innovative new polymer that is able to extract mercury from the environment. This polymer has a distinct colour change (it goes bright orange) when associated with metal uptake. We would like to improve our understanding of how this technology could be applied in environmental monitoring i.e. can this polymer provide an accurate indication of mercury distribution in the environment. This project would look to ground truth the new technology against our existing science and sediment understanding and more clearly identify how the polymer responds under different environmental conditions.

Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
October 7, 2019