Seaweed Aquaculture: managing biofouling

Supervisory Team:

Primary supervisor: Assoc Prof Catriona Macleod

Co-supervisor: Prof Catriona Hurd

Additional supervisors: Dr Craig Sanderson, Dr Camille White/ Dr Beth Strain depending on availability

Brief project description:

The Seaweed Solutions CRC has an opportunity for an honours/ masters student to explore a critical issue for industry development. Biofouling of cultured seaweed reduces productivity and depending on species composition and quantity can create broader environmental issues. There is potential for 2 complementary Honours/ masters research projects to examine:

  1. The nature of seaweed biofouling communities, and the environmental factors influencing settlement and density (i.e. light, depth, temperature and timing/ season).
  2. Potential management strategies. This may include investigation of non-intervention (e.g. timing of out planting, or positioning of plants on site) and intervention (i.e. physical removal, barrier mechanisms) approaches, and how these might affect product quality and management strategies.

Skills students will develop during this research project:

  • Project management (planning, development and implementation)
  • Key research skills for both lab and field research
    • skills and risk assessments
    • specific lab skills in topic areas (e.g. taxonomy, nutrient analysis)
    • experimental design and management
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Leadership and team participation skills
  • Science communication (both written and verbal)
  • Greater understanding of important ecological concepts as well as gaining insights into critical marine resource management issues
Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
February 4, 2020