Utilising towed-video contrasts in/out of offshore marine parks to assess the possible impacts of trawling on benthic invertebrate assemblages

Supervision team:

Associate Professor Neville Barrett

Dr Jacquomo Monk

The potential influence of trawling in shelf waters on benthic fauna had been estimated by model-based approaches but never examined empirically in temperate Australia. Current IMAS surveys in/out of the Beagle Marine Park in Bass Strait (an area closed to trawling for the last 10 years) utilising towed-video, offer an opportunity to quantify the nature and extent of soft-sediment epi-benthic fauna (sponges, ascideans, corals etc) in this region for the first time. This will allow a contrast to be made between the MPA and adjacent fished areas, informing the extent to which trawling may have influenced (or not) this assemblage.

Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
October 7, 2019