Marine and Antarctic studies attracts those who already have a fascination with the marine world or Antarctica, and are interested in becoming highly trained professionals able to contribute to understanding, managing and conserving the marine environment.

If you enjoy the natural and physical sciences, you can combine your passion for science with a love of the outdoors and adventure.

Practical classes and field trips provide extra challenges and opportunities to work alongside world-class academics and researchers. We combine these experiences with theoretical studies to broaden your experience and give you an edge when it comes to employment.

A Primer of

Marine and Antarctic Science

Developed by researchers from the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Science, this unit will cover the origins of life in the oceans, iconic and 'weird' marine life, give insight into 'a day in the life' of an oceanographer, and explore a number of topics highly relevant to modern society including technologies for ocean science, responding to climate change, threatened species, and sustainable management of marine resources including fisheries.

  • For year 11 and 12 students, Australia wide
  • HECS- free
  • 16 week, self-paced online unit. See unit page for dates.
  • Receive credit towards your Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science degree
  • Receive bonus points for your XAS101 application next year

Research Vessel Investigator in open ocean

Bachelor of

Marine & Antarctic Science

3 Years Full Time / Hobart

Taught by world-renowned experts, this degree gives you a broad foundation in the study of temperate marine, Antarctic and Southern Ocean science based on interdisciplinary themes.

In this degree you can choose your specialty: follow a research-oriented path, or focus on the more applied sciences. We have five majors that cross the spectrum of these disciplines, which means that there really are options for everyone.

Choose from one of the following majors:

  1. Marine and Antarctic Governance
  2. Marine Biology
  3. Marine Resource Management
  4. Oceanography
  5. Sustainable Aquaculture

Single degrees in Marine and Antarctic Science usually take three years to finish (full-time).



Marine Biology - Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science

"I would 100% recommend studying at IMAS. It provides an excellent basis for making connections within the scientific community, the facilities are amazing, and the research and volunteer opportunities are unmatched!"


I was born in Chicago, USA, but grew up in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I was always swimming, surfing, sailing, snorkelling – pretty much anything to do with water.

I heard about IMAS through a program called A Practical Introduction to Temperate Marine Biology. The program let me undertake a week of practical marine science work during year 11, involving all aspects of experiment development – field work, collection and sorting of data, and connection of data to a theoretical concept.

During year 12 I had a tour of the facilities on Open Day and seeing active science being conducted immediately made up my mind about where I was going to study!

I received a relocation scholarship to move to Tassie and study. Moving down here I’d say was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – Hobart is an amazing city and IMAS is full of amazing opportunities.

Associate Degree in

Applied Science (Sustainable Aquaculture)

2 Years Full Time / Launceston / Hobart / Cradle Coast

*This course is offered through the University College, at the University of Tasmania.

During this two year, full-time (or part-time equivalent) course you will get the opportunity to learn directly from Tasmania’s local aquaculture experts. You’ll learn about core applied science theory, such as applied biology, applied chemistry, data analysis, quality management and sustainability as well as specialist aquaculture subjects, including aquatic health, aquatic biology and nutrition.

This is an immersive, hands-on learning experience that combines practical workshops and tutorials with an innovative online delivery platform. Our vast array of guest speakers, industry visits, projects, case studies and work placement opportunities ensure you graduate 100% work-ready with plenty of real-world experience to apply to any aquaculture industry position.

If you require further information regarding the Associate Degree in Applied Science (Sustainable Aquaculture), please contact Robin Barnes (course coordinator) at robin.barnes@utas.edu.au or (+613)6324 3539.

More informaion about the Associate Degree in Applied Science (Sustainable Aquaculture)

Year 11 and 12 Students:

Practical Introduction to Temperate Marine Biology

At IMAS we know that lots of students already have a passion for the marine environment. By enrolling in our XAS101 Practical Introduction to Marine Biology, Year 11 and 12 students can experience a hands-on curriculum set in the beautiful Tasmanian marine environment.

How to apply

For more information about Undergraduate courses at IMAS:

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